Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gets Its First Trailer

Ascend, Arisen. Capcom has now released the first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2, the long-awaited sequel to the cult-hit fantasy action-RPG.

The trailer, debuted at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, gives a brief glimpse of what to expect. It’s still gritty, the monsters look nasty, the voice acting has these inflections you only hear from people in older times and there are, indeed, dragons.

The pawn system, one of the defining characteristics from the first game, is back. Pawns are AI companions that you can create and join your party. The game is strictly a single-player title, but the Pawns are supposed to give a sense that you’re playing with other players, as you can also recruit Pawns made by other players.

There are many other details fans can glean on here. Humanoids with feline features are new. There are new weapon types for the three main vocations (classes). And there are objects affected by physics, like a whole bridge that just collapsed during battle. And emotes where two characters interact.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has no release date yet. But it’s coming to PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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