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Dota 2 Now Has A Proper Pro Circuit


As esports gets bigger, so is the need for a more organised and stable tournament circuit. Aside from The International’s record-breaking prize pool and three Majors event each year, there’s little structure around Dota 2 esports.

That will change in the upcoming season. Valve has outlined some changes before but now has confirmed more details of the newly named Dota Pro Circuit.

The Dota Pro Circuit promised more Majors and new smaller events which Valve also provides part of the prize pool called Minors to be part of the calendar. Now there will be 11 Majors and 16 Minors throughout the eight-month season. Top three finishers in Majors and Minors will gain points, with the top eight of the leaderboards getting direct invites to The International 8. (Regional and open qualifiers will remain available).

There will be two phases of registration where rosters will be locked- which means it will be easier to keep track of the roster changes and new teams coming in and out of the circuit. The points are locked to the players rather than the organisation.

Another interesting rule change is that coaches can now remain with the players during drafting phases. Coaches were not allowed to be with players during matches at Valve-sponsored events, and this ruleset change should make coaches even more useful than ever.