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Divinity: Original Sin II Coming To Consoles In August


Divinity: Original Sin II, one of the best CRPGs good enough to run your own DnD pen and paper game, is now coming to consoles. The game was launched exclusively on PC last year, to critical acclaim, but there is a lot of requests for the game to arrive on consoles. The first game in fact did do that, which they added local co-op and controller support for the consoles and also to PC afterwards.

Larian Studios confirmed that it will offer four-player co-op online and two-player split-screen co-op as well. The developer partnered with Bandai Namco to help publish Original Sin II on consoles.

Original Sin II builds upon the strong concept of the first game- a free-form systems-driven, physics-driven CRPG with strong writing. You can play as the pre-made characters with their own specific origin story or make your own, and then form a party of up to four players to travel around the world.

There is also a robust dungeon master mode where you can create your own campaigns, including the ability to improvise, add, or remove features on the fly like a pen-and-paper dungeon master would do.