We Talked A Lot About Biomutant In The Latest Episode Of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

The fortnight that was was rough for the trio. And so we hear in the show.

The chirpy Danial is less chirpy and more raspy, as life throws him lemons big and small. Meck proudly flaunts his producing experience but flamboyance did not catch his production prowess’ fumbles. Anan can’t stop digging the VRChat hole, now he learns how to bring more in the fold.

But in jank there is beauty. As it always has been. Which the crew discovers again with Biomutant. And in despair there is joy for those that sought, as our shared person of interest is seen and heard to have a meltdown in court.

Life is rough but it will make you tough, as the crew set sail once more. For an E3 storm is a brewing, wish safe travels through this storm.

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