We Talked About Hitman 3, The Division 2 And Very Big Numbers In The Latest Episode Of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast

It’s been a while since your regularly scheduled episode of dia.log, and we’ve been playing a bunch of video games since then.

Meck explains his undying love of Hitman 3’s levels and what makes them so good (it involves spoilers), while Anan is still figuring out where’s the fun in The Division 2. Danial has firmly enjoyed Division 2, only to be let down by the ending (also spoilers).

And it’s also been a full year since the crew even mentioned about video game movies on the podcast. So that’s something new.

The news are all depressing including the state of racing games (which is growing to be more niche and dire), video game patents and the death of a console that’s already never existed.

Grab a drink (hopefully not human-infused grape flavour), and help us get some big numbers, it’s a new episode of (mostly) video games talk.

(Skip to 30:40 to avoid The Division 2 spoilers, skip to 53:58 to skip the Hitman 3 level spoilers- come back when you’ve played them don’t ruin the surprise for yourself)

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