Crusader Kings 2 Is Free Alongside Massive Sales For Paradox Games To Celebrate PDXCon

PDXCon is happening this weekend in Berlin, and publisher Paradox Interactive is having a massive sale on Steam to mark the occasion.

Their recent titles, grand strategy Imperator Rome and 4X game Age Of Wonders: Planetfall are down to RM43.55 and RM72 respectively.

Other picks include 2018’s GM GOTY contender Battletech for RM22.10, Stellaris for RM18.75, Cities Skylines for RM14, and Prison Architect for RM12.75. You can browse the entire sales catalog here, which includes DLC sales as well.

But the big surprise is that Crusader Kings 2, the medieval grand strategy game, is now completely free. Not for the weekend, and seemingly not for a limited time either.


This is only the base game, with various expansions and DLC expanding on the mechanics and letting you play as other dynasties outside of the European medieval kingdoms. But the base game is a good way to start and see if you can get into these sorts of games.

Crusader Kings II can be obtuse and complicated, but deep within those menus is a powerful storytelling tool perfect for fans of medieval fantasies. Or you just want to relive Game Of Thrones in some form or fashion.

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