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Hitman 2 – Review

IO Interactive had an ambitious, yet risky, new proposal for a new Hitman. The long-running series is a game of assassination. Usually, the games offer a mix of linear levels and sandbox…

Dragon Quest XI – Review

To be perfectly honest, I only have ever played a few JRPGs titles in my lifetime of playing video games and besides Final Fantasy and the Persona series, many good JRPG titles had flew…

Edifier G3 Gammatera Review

Gamer Matters taking an extensive look at the Edifier G3 Gammatera gaming headset. A fairly budgeted midrange headset with great features and sound quality

Death’s Gambit- Review

Considering this whole game is one giant Souls reference, it was alarming to find an actual Dark Souls easter egg here. It's done. Slave Knight Gael falls, and the credits roll. You evoke…

F1 2018 – Review

It's almost time for the Singapore Grand Prix and Vettel is now trailing you by 30 points after countless mistakes of his own. The upgrades are working and while your car isn't the fastest…