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Capcom Submitted An Amaterasu Courier Mod For Dota 2


Okami HD is coming out soon, and Capcom has made something interesting to make headlines for the game. It was discovered that they have submitted a mod for a courier modeled after the main character Amaterasu. You can see for yourself on the Steam page here.

And this is not just some random fan or guy submitting it. This is officially coming from Capcom. The account submitted is “CAPCOM_OKAMI_HD” and there is a video on Youtube demonstrating Amaterasu as a courier from an official Capcom YouTube channel. All the screenshots have the appropriate watermarks and This stuff is legit.

But like all mods for Dota 2, it has to gain support before it will be included in the game. You can vote it up should you wish to see this becoming available in the game.

Okami HD will be out on the PS4, PC and Xbox One on December 12.

Source: VG 24/7