Black Desert Is Getting A Crossover Event With Berserk

Here’s a surprise. MMORPG Black Desert, in particular the Southeast Asia region, is getting a crossover event with seminal manga/anime series Berserk.

New quests will pop up during this event duration, including a special boss fight against Berserk’s Nosferatu Zodd. Beating him will drop rewards including Caphras Stone Bundles and Black Spirit’s Claw Pieces. This will be available until December 4th.

There will be other rewards throughout the new quests too, including drops of Advice of Valks (+60) and Beherit Alchemy Stones. New cosmetics via the Pearl Shop will also be added, available for both male and female classes.

If you haven’t tried out the MMO yet, developers Pearl Abyss is offering some deals. Any upgrade package bought on the official website will offer you cashback in form of Pearls for in-game use. Buy the 1,000 Acoins*-priced Prime Package and you’ll get 1,000 Pearls, for example. There will also be Black Friday discounts, available until November 27th for Pearl Items (cosmetics) that have rarely been discounted.

*1280 Acoins is worth $40 USD. Alternatively, the prices on Steam begins with RM15 just for the base game. 

It sounds like a good time to check out Black Desert, especially if you are a Beserk fan. How the bleak, gritty series is going to be added into the Black Desert will be interesting to see.

Black Desert is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There is also a mobile version, Black Desert Mobile, currently soft-launched on Android in a few countries including Malaysia.


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