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A Game With A Bigger Battle Royale Mode Than PUBG Is In The Works


If the 100-player last-man-standing Battle Royale that PUBG introduced to the world is already impressive, what about 400 players? And on an even bigger map?

That’s the current selling point of a new game currently in the works at UK studio Automaton. Currently untitled, the online survival game will support up to 1000 players battling across 12 kilometers square of map size. A even bigger Battle Royale mode, basically.

There will also be a PvP last-man standing mode where 400 players engage in direct combat. The game is set to contain environmental destruction, wildlife, dynamic weather and more built on the CryEngine.

Powering this large scale player count is SpatialOS by Improbable. This tech has seen some investment, as Automaton has recently secured $10 million USD for this new game. Bossa Studios, another UK developer that is using Improbable’s tech, has received as similar amount as well.

Automaton has made a multiplayer stealth action game before, Deceit. Seeing a small studio undertaking something big with new, untested tech will be interesting to see. But for now, all we have is a lofty promise of an even bigger Battle Royale game.