You Don’t Play As Any Particular Civilization In Humankind And The Leader Is Your Avatar That Evolves Over Time

Humankind looks to be the historical 4X game to rival the Civilization series, from the developers of the Endless series. Debuted at gamescom earlier this year, now there is another trailer debuted at The Game Awards 2019 showing how some of the minute details of Humankind differs from Civ.

We know that unlike Civ, Humankind does not lock you into a particular civilization. Rather, you adopt new culture as you emerge forward to a different era. As such, you don’t pick a leader like Civ- instead, the leader is your avatar.

This leader avatar will change their appearance over the course of the game, to reflect the decisions you make in pushing humankind forward. It’s nifty- at the end of each game you should be having a different looking leader depending on the decisions you make.

Here’s the trailer:

The brief trailer also showed a bit more gameplay. You can see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Saint Basil’s Cathedral- possibly as wonders you can build, and how units animate during combat.

Humankind looks to be taking interesting steps to not just be a Civ clone. Humankind will be out sometime next year.

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