You Can’t Quick Save In Deathloop

Deathloop, the upcoming immersive sim from Arkane is taking on a bit of a roguelike twist. As protagonist Colt, you’re stuck in a timeloop until you kill all the targets in this ’60s party island.

And what more way to enforce the feeling of a roguelike by not letting you quick save.

“We always say our games are better when you go with the flow, when you roll with your mistakes and improvise solutions to those problems,” game director Dinga Bakaba says to PC Gamer.

“And then, even though we say that, we all play those games using quick save too. Even though I say that this is the best way to play, every now and then my ego won’t take it and I will reload.”

Quick save is very useful in immersive sims, but maybe it has developed a lot of bad habits among players. Instead of rolling with the punches, players tend to roll back to a previous save in order to finish the level perfectly- like doing a stealth no-kill no-detection run.

It doesn’t help that in Arkane’s own Dishonored series, the game nudges you to kill fewer people to get the good ending, which most players will usually gravitate toward.

So, seeing quick saves removed will see only the most equipped players can do proper stealth runs (which should make this playstyle even harder but more rewarding should you pull it off). But at the same time, if you do an oopsie, it’s totally okay to start blasting, explore without constraint until you die and retry again from the top.

The PC Gamer article also revealed that while Deathloop is set within 24 hours, there’s no ticking timer to worry about. The time of day only changes when you enter a new district- which is essentially four big levels.

We shall see how players respond to having no quick saves in Deathloop. But it makes sense for a game like this to force you to embrace the chaos. What’s the point of restarting the time loop if you can restart your own time loop via quick saves and save scumming?

Deathloop will be out on September 14 for the PS5 and PC (Steam). For Asia, the release on Steam is one day later on September 15.

Source: PC Gamer

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