You Can Try Out FIFA 17 For Free This Weekend

From November 24-27, everyone can get access to FIFA 17 for free. More than just a regular demo, you get to access all in-game features, even the Ultimate Team mode.

The caveat here is there’s a 10-hour time limit, similar to many EA Access or Origin Access early trials,  and those that had used that trial may not have the full 10-hour time limit. PS4 and Xbox One players need to connect to the internet at all times as well. Plus, the story mode, The Journey, cannot be played from start to finish, so if you only plan on trying out how the Mass Effect dialogue wheel works in a football game, you can only sample a portion of that.

Anyways, with all the major caveats, it’s free this weekend. Those who are curious to see what’s new- or in the camp of PES and want to see what the fuss is about- can get a good sampling of this year’s footy iteration by EA.

Check out the link here to find out where to download.

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