You Can Play Payday 2 Entirely In VR, Now In Beta

What A Steal

Payday 2 VR will be a free update to the game, allowing VR players and regular PC players join together for co-op heists.

Payday 2, the successful co-op multiplayer FPS about heists and robbery, it getting a VR mode. Anyone who has the game on PC right now and owns an HTC Vive can opt into a beta where you can play the whole game entirely in virtual reality.

Rather than a condensed version of the game, this is a total conversion of the main game. You can even play with other players like you normally can, no matter if they play in VR or just regularly on the desktop.

Best of all, this is completely free update to Payday 2, not a separate package or DLC. The game has enough DLC and issues regarding it already, so to see this offered for free is rather interesting to see.

If you have a Vive, you can opt in the beta through the Steam client. Select the game in your library, right click and go to properties, go to the Beta tab and select the “open_vr_beta” option. A few downloads and you’re good to go. More information can be found here.

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