You Can Play Overwatch For Free On PS4 and Xbox One From September 9-12

How often do you hear news about games being free over the weekend on consoles? While this practice is the norm on the PC via Steam, this is something completely new to the consoles.

Overwatch will be available for all PS4 players and Xbox One players next weekend. This is not a trial version with limited playtime or missing features: this is the real deal with all heroes, maps and modes unlocked. Progress made during the period will be kept and should you purchase the game later, it will be carried over. So those loot boxes are yours to keep.

Plus, a new patch has just rolled out, introducing new changes to competitive mode, and the recently announced Eichenwalde map. So this is a really good time to jump in and see what the hype is all about, and why we gave it such a good review.

But what about PC? Rumours of a trial play has been heard but nothing official has yet to confirm this. Given that all the titles developers Blizzard have on their launcher offer a free trial save for Overwatch, it should not be a surprise when it ever becomes available.

For details on how to download the game in prepartaion for the free weekend, head over to the official post here.

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