You Can Play As John Romero’s Real Life Great-Grandmother In Mobster Sim Empire Of Sin

Romero Games’ mobster sim Empire Of Sin has a new trailer, and it’s a showcase of one the characters you can control. And it’s John Romero’s great-grandmother, who’s a real mobster herself.

The trailer has Brenda and John Romero talk about the mob boss Elvira Duarte, her real-life legacy and how she plays. This is not just a fun easter egg, Elvira was a legit mobster back in her days, so it’s a fitting addition to the game.

Apparently, in the XCOM-style turn-based combat aspect of the game, Elvira has a boss combat ability called “Devil’s Breath”. This lets her mind-control an enemy for a few turns before they die. That part is probably not as true-to-life as other aspects of her character, probably.

Elvira is one of 14 playable bosses in Empire Of Sin, where you run an organised crime empire set in the 1920s and fight other gangs all vying for power.

Empire Of Sin will be out later this fall (September-November) for the PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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