You Can Now Vote For Who Should Play For Team Malaysia In The Overwatch World Cup

It’s voting time! The Overwatch World Cup is the event Blizzard is putting out for Blizzcon, and instead of an e-sports focused tournament where top player compete, we instead get an worldwide exhibition tournament where the team is representing a country where the players are selected by votes of other players. Today the votes are live and you can now cast 4 votes from a selection of 15 Malaysian players, all of them are considered top players in the country based on skill ratings for Competitive Season 1.

Go to the link here and log in your Battle.Net account to vote. For console owners, you will probably need to link your account to Battle.Net for this to work beforehand. Note that you need to own Overwatch in order to be eligible to vote.

Once there, select 4 names out of the 15 that you like and vote away. If you prefer to vote objectively and see thier stats beforehand, a link to Overwatch’s own stat tracker is provided, but if you really want to dig in deeper, thier full tags are available so you can search it on Overbuff and MasterOverwatch if you prefer that. If you are going this route, might we suggest to think of team composition and the current meta in mind. We probably don’t need two Genji mains on the team, and we probably need at least one person comfortable running support and one running a tank. Voting for someone with good results as various DPS characters is also a great idea.

The voting results will be announced on August 29. Once selected, Team Malaysia will compete in an online tournament in the Asia-Pacific region to catch the two remaining slots for the region (the other four are somehow reserved already for China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand) to make it to Blizzcon, where the action really begins.

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