You Can Now Listen To The Catchy Intro Song For Warframe’s Fortuna Update In Full

And we all lift, and we're all adrift togettttthhhhhhheeeeeerrrr, togetttthhhhheeeeerrrr

Warframe will add another open world map in its upcoming Fortuna update, as revealed at TennoCon recently. The new map in Venus houses the Solaris United, a group that are slaving off debts while they work deep in the neon city of Fortuna.

The reveal trailer gives a glimpse of how the open world looks like, which will have players ride hoverboards and hunt down the many new fauna in the free-to-play loot-shooter. But that haunting soundtrack seals the deal.

The long 30 minutes of gameplay featuring Fortuna and also the upcoming Railjack update has the song in full, which will be the cinematic intro when you first drop to the city. But if you just want to see the cinematic intro and listen to the work song laced in synthwave, it’s also available as a standalone video now too.

Now we all loop, and loop the song together! Together!

Warframe’s Fortuna update will arrive sometime this year around fall season for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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