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You Can Morph Into Coffee Mugs And Toilet Rolls In Prey


If you have shapeshifting powers what would you do? In Prey, one of the powers you will receive exploring the Talos I space station is called Mimic Matter. This allows protagonist Morgan Yu to shapeshift and mimic other objects.

The silly thing is at its initial level, you could only mimic small miscellaneous items. That random coffee mug, toilet roll or even a banana lying on the table for no apparent reason other to make the place believable now serves a gameplay function. Need to hide from pesky aliens? Need to go to the other room but there’s only a small opening? Turn yourself into a coffee mug and roll yourself out of harms way and into that small hole that leads to the other room.

The Mimic Matter power is no throwaway gag though, as you can later upgrade it to allow you to shapeshift into bigger, more useful objects. As shown in the trailer, you can fight a turret by becoming one yourself.

Prey keeps on living up to its Bioshock’s, or rather System Shock’s influence with this power. It’s goofy, but it should provide players interesting possibilities to mess around with random objects.

Prey is expected to launch on May 5 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.