Yes, You Can Be Good At Fighting Games Using A Steering Wheel

And you can take them for a ride

You can use any sort of controllers to play a fighting game. Most stick with the normal controllers, though old-school fighting game fans would usually prefer a fighting stick. Some of course, goes for the more gimmicky custom controllers. Keyboards (the PC keyboard and the musical keyboard), Guitar Hero instruments.

We’ve seen plenty. But not like this one.

Michael “Initial T” Ajison stormed through the Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 tournament at Canada Cup 2018. Along the way, he managed to beat Dogura, a pro player from Japan known for both his prowess in this game and Street Fighter V. He was also the Canada Cup 2017 champion for Guilty Gear.

But it’s not just about beating a pro, but how he beat it. Initial T, as the name suggests, uses a steering wheel.

He ended his miraculous run at Canada Cup 2018 finishing 5th, losing to eventual tournament winner Kazunoko and then later to LostSoul.

In an interview with Core-A Gaming, Initial T explained how he started to use a steering wheel.

“It all started from our local Discord, I bought [the steering wheel] to actually play racing games on but when I showed it to people on Discord they were just like, ‘But can you play fighting games on it?'”

“And I was like, ‘why not?’ I’ll give it a try.”

Peer pressure at its best. Ajison’s pals eventually convinced him to bring the steering wheel to Canada Cup and compete with it.

This video by Core-A Gaming, who once suggested that you can play fighting games with any controller you’re comfortable with except a steering wheel, goes more in-depth into the minds of Ajison.

The video also demonstrates how the wheel is used- it’s essentially a large, comfortable pad controller. No, he doesn’t steer the wheel for combos unfortunately.

While we see a lot of these gimmicky controller users in fighting games, it does not mean they are just all for laughs. Ajison’s strong 5th place finish shows that anyone can get good at fighting games, and those who think they are already good enough must prepare for anything, even the most outlandish of circumstances.

Source: Core-A Gaming

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