Xbox Live’s Games With Gold Offer For April Looks Glorious

It can be easily assumed that there are not many folks in Malaysia that primarily games on the Xbox platform, with physical games on storefronts here aren’t as much as Playstaion games, and the fact that Microsoft has not established a proper footing with an Asian branch, likely due to its failure on trying to capture the Japanese market. But for folks who do have one, and subscribe to Xbox Live Gold- a similar service akin to Playstation Plus, boy are you in for a treat this month

Xbox Live Games with Gold will offer four games for free. First up is the Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive, made by the folks at Insomniac Games, also the folks that’s making Ratchet & Clank. Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is also available on the Xbox One in its entirety. Yes, it comes with all the episodes. Xbox 360 has Saints Row IV and Dead Space, and like most of its later offerings, can be played on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility .

All the details on how to redeem, and the when the offers start for each game are detailed in this video.

If you look at the list of games, it’s pretty solid, and none of them are indie titles. Hence, why it looks glorious. Folks on the Playstation side are not as happy to see a long list of indie games on their side when the competitor can bring a bring better offers. This could rile them up even more if April’s PS Plus offer won’t be as good. But hey, it’s good to see Microsoft pushing on this side, and hopefully it is enough to push Sony to get better deals as well. Healthy competition is always a good thing, it means we consumers will eventually be befitting the most out of all this.

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