Wreckreation Is The Next Game By Ex-Burnout Devs, Three Fields Entertainment

During the THQ Nordic Showcase recently, we have gotten a glimpse of what the good folks at Three Fields Entertainment (aka the creators of the Burnout series) are working on right now. It used to be Dangerous Driving 2, but with a new publisher, it’s now call “Wreckreation“.

The new open-world racer will see players traversing Sledgehammer County 400-square kilometer roads with the ability to modify just about anything on the map. Place jumps, loops, stunt ramps, half and full pipes, meet up points, and moving obstacles all in your “MixWorld”. Creating a track and it’s various diffent modes right from your very eyes.

There are 30 different vehicles to choose and modify from. From changing it’s paint, boost flame and even engine note. And by the looks of the game so far, it’s free-form modding style seems to be a great theme to lean on and escape it’s old Burnout routes.

Wreckcreation is set to launch for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, with not set date for it’s release.

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