World Of Warships Brings Back The Ducks

World Of Warships has released Update 12.2 which includes, among other things, rubber ducks.

Trouble In The Hot Tub, as it’s called, is a silly mode in celebration of April Fools Day where warships are replaced by rubber ducks. There are six different rubber ducks to choose from, two for each of the cruiser, destroyer and battleship classes.

It’s silly. Even the announcement trailer is silly.

Alongside this, World Of Warships is also partnering with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, a game entirely about floating toy ducks, as a collab DLC available until April 14.

More info on the Trouble In The Hot Tub limited-time event can be found here.

Update 12.2 also brings in 9 new Pan American Cruisers in Early Access.

  • Tier II Almirante Barroso
  • Tier III Vicente Guerrero
  • Tier IV Córdoba
  • Tier V La Argentina
  • Tier VI Almirante Cochrane
  • Tier VII Coronel Bolognesi
  • Tier X San Martín
  • Tier VIII Ignacio Allende
  • Tier IX Santander

Full patch notes of update 12.2 can be found here.

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