World Of Warships Adding Pan-Asian Cruisers, Including Malaysia’s KD Rahmat

Wargaming’s free-to-play battleship shooter World Of Warships announced the launch of new Pan-Asian cruisers as part of update 0.11.0, Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 1.

The selection features ships from the Republic Of China, South Korea, Thailand and also one ship hailing from Malaysia, the KD Rahmat, known in-game as the Tier VI Rahmat.

In real-life, the KD (“Kapal Diraja”– Royal Ship) Rahmat, originally named KD Hang Jebat, was built in 1966. The ship was decommissioned in 2008 and was converted into a wartime museum from 2011 until 2017 when it was scrapped after a leakage deemed the Rahmat as irrecoverable.

Now it’s preserved in video game form, albeit transformed from a frigate into a light cruiser class ship. Still, it’s neat to see history preserved in this way.

The Pan-Asian light cruisers added with the latest 0.11.0 update are the following:

  • Tier V Chungking
  • Tier VI Rahmat
  • Tier VII Chumphon
  • Tier VII Harbin
  • Tier IX Sejong
  • Tier X Jinan

28 new combat missions will be added with this update, coming in batches of four each week. Completion of these missions will earn you rewards, including access to the Tier V Chungking and Tier VII Chumphon as well as the temporary resource, Pan-Asian tokens.

These can be used to unlock other cosmetics, and bundles for the Tier VI Rahmat, Tier VIII Harbin. The Tier IX Sejong and Tier X Jinan are also unlockable using Pan-Asian Tokens.

More details on update 0.11.0 can be found here. World Of Warships is available on PC.

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