World Of Tanks: Mercenaries Adds New Limited Time Mode That Replaces Tanks With Mechs

World Of Tanks: Mercenaries, the console version of the popular free-to-play multiplayer game, adds a new limited time mode called Code Breach. Instead of driving tanks, you are piloting mechs, with World War II styling.

The mode is a 4V4 team deathmatch where you either pilot the US Iron Soldier or the USSR Steel Comrade, equipped with machine guns, lasers, and missiles. Unlike the traditional modes, you can respawn after 15 seconds and there is no ammo cost, so fire at will.

The event ends on February 4th.

Interestingly, members of the developer team, Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, used to work on the MechAssault series, which is set in the Battletech universe. So these are genuine folks who know their mech stuff.

When asked by VentureBeat if the team had pitched a mech game idea to their publisher Wargaming,  TJ Wagner, the executive producer for World of Tanks: Mercenaries has this to say:

“You can think of it as an internal pitch in a way, and we’d love to make a new mech game someday.

“It might help if you tell everyone you know to play it so we have really strong numbers to show to the execs and say, “See! People demand this!”

If you are interested to see the team actually make a full-on mech game, consider trying the mode out. For Asia, you can download World Of Tanks: Mercenaries here on Playstation Store Asia.

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