World Of Demons Is A New PlatinumGames Character Action Game, On Mobile


So what’s next for Bayonetta and Nier Automata developers PlatinumGames? Looks like their next game is a mobile title. No don’t leave yet, because it looks like a rad character action game.

Published by DeNA (the folks Nintendo are working with for their mobile titles), World Of Demons is a fantastical take on feudal Japan where Oni (demons) wreck havoc on the land and even corrupting the docile yokais. It’s up to the samurais to take them down.

Despite it being a mobile title, you still have direct control of your samurai as he or she attack, dodge, parry and unleash finishing moves. Yokai minions are your assists, giving various buffs. There will also be tons of customisation options, a story mode and asynchronous multiplayer. Expect to see recurring updates with more content added down the line as well.

World Of Demons is set to launch sometime this summer (June-September) for iOS (iPhone 6 or newer). The free-to-play game with microtransactions will also launch on Android soon.

Via Game Informer

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