Wizard Academy Builder Spellcaster University Leaves Steam Early Access June 15

Think you can build a better Hogwarts? As long as it’s only in a 2D plane, there’s a game that may tickle your fancy.

Spellcaster University has you build your own academy for budding wizards. The building you are building is only in 2D- so it’s more like a Sim Tower style ant-farm builder in this case.

As expected from a sim, you get to decide the school’s curriculum (what spells to teach), hiring teachers and taking care of the students’ wellfare.

There’s also a deck-building system, that coupled with a procedurally-generated campaign, means there will be some variety from one playthrough to the other.

Spellcaster University’s 1.0 release will see a new Dungeon Crawl mode, so you can send off students to finance their tution through… fighting monsters and gathering loot. Quite the side-hustle.

The full release will also include a revised and expanded encyclopedia, new events and objectives, new animals, and improvements made to the visuals, UI and audio. There’s new music being added.

Spellcaster University will leave Steam Early Access on June 15.

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