Windjammers Is A Radical Sports Game From The 90’s, Will Now Be On PS4 and Vita

What a dream. You might not heard of Windjammers before, but this game still has a strong cult following today. A sports game of throwing discs in a pong manner with some 80’s aesthetics and high skill ceiling, Windjammer first released in the 90’s on SNK’s Neo-Geo. It is simple to play, hard to master sort of game that is still being played competitively in certain circles, including the fighting game community, until today. Just watch the trailer and see it for yourself:

The interesting thing here is for years there were interest of bringing back the Windjammers franchise, but the problem was contacting the owner, which due to studio closures and rights transfer were hard to pin down who. Eventually, Sony along with emulator developers DotEmu and SNK, managed to get their hands on the rights again and now porting it to the PS4.

Most of the game will remain intact and untouched, but there’s online multiplayer. Considering how competitive and hyped the matches of Windjammers can be with really skilled players, DotEmu would like to push the e-sports angle with this added feature. They will also help building up the community and do tournament promotions, which will be interesting to see if it catches wind.

Windjammers on the PS4 and the PS Vita should be released sometime in 2017.


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