Wild Hearts Second Content Update Adds Grimstalker, New Fulgent Armour Set, More Weapons And Quests

Wild Hearts, the new monster-hunting game from Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force and EA, has received a new content update for this month.

This is the second post-launch content update in total and the second one to be released this month- the first one released two weeks ago added the Hellfire Laharback kemono– a volatile kemono version of the noob-stomping Lavaback.

This new update adds a whole new subspecies of kemono and with that, comes a new armour set and new weapons to boot. The Grimstalker, another wolf-like kemono similar to the Deathstalker, can now be found out prowling the Natsukodachi Isle.

What makes this one different is that not only it uses water elemental, but it can also switch to fire and attack with molten rock. This should see players needing to prep for two different elemental attacks- and making the Elemental Lantern fusion karakuri very useful in this particular hunt.

Two new weapons will now be added to the web of weapons upgrade tree, which should be available for all weapon types. The new armour set, Fulgent, can also be crafted. All of these will require drops from the Grimstalker so get hunting.

In addition, three new quests are added and they are:

  • Fulgent Fate: Bloodshed – Hunt Amaterasu without dying in Akikure Canyon
  • Twin Boar Gorge – Hunt Kingtusk and Icetusk with two lives in Fuyufusagi Fort
  • Days of Hunting: Gleaming Gold – Hunt Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak and Lavaback

Beating each new quest gives you a new Chat Stamp and Emote.

The next update will arrive in another two weeks from March 23- that’s April 6. That one will have a “new petal-manipulating fox kemono” Murakumo (and its associated new weapons and armour set), a new karakuri (Spinning Top) as well as a Limit Break system. Let’s see if Omega Force can keep going with this tight two-week cadence of new updates.

Full patch notes for the March 23 update, which brings a lengthy list of bug fixes and improvements, can be found here.

Wild Hearts is out now on PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App) and Xbox Series X|S. You can find our review of the game here.

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