Wild Hearts – How To Edit Your Character

Monster hunting game Wild Hearts offers an in-depth character creator. Should you need to edit or adjust how your character looks, don’t worry, the game offers that option, though you won’t be able to access it early on.

To edit your character, you must use the Looking Glass dragon karakuri. This needs to be unlocked in the karakuri skill tree. It’s 18 tiers deep, so it’s not something you can get right after the tutorial.

It will be a long while (more than 10 hours) until you can gain enough kemono orbs to unlock it.

Kemono orbs are earned by completing hunts (each revive penalises you with reduced orbs) or by smashing kemono parts.

Thankfully, there will be other nodes in the skill tree that will automatically unlock via story progression (all the ones with a question mark). By the end of Chapter 2, you should be able to unlock the Looking Glass with ease, as you can spend orbs from the nearby unlocked nodes (either the Enhanced Flying Vine or Roller should be where to start) or already earn enough orbs through hunting.

Once unlocked, you can place it anywhere in the hub world, Minato, as long as you have enough water element capacity.

The editor will place your character right in front of the mirror, and they are displayed in-world, so be sure to plop the karakuri somewhere with constant lighting, such as the entrance of the sauna house. Wild Hearts has dynamic time of day, and time will surely pass when you edit your character.

You can edit every aspect of your character, including the character name, similar to the character creator screen at the start of the game. So edit away!

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