Wild Hearts – How To Dye Armour

Monster-hunting game Wild Hearts allows you to customise your armour’s colours. It’s a feature that you may find only when you’re looking for it, as the game doesn’t really show you when it becomes available, but it’s there. Dying an armour nets you a trophy/achievement.

Changing an armour’s dye colour is available for armour sets unlocked from Chapter 3 onwards. By this point, the new armour sets are recolours of sets you’ve seen before but with better defence stats. But you can customise their colours unlike the starting sets you’ve crafted before.

Changing the armour’s dye colour can be done by the forge menu’s “change equipment” option. Armour that can have customised colours are denoted with a box on its icon, and the option to “dye” becomes available.

Colour options are limited, but you do get to adjust the saturation and brightness of the options available.

Happy hunting!

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