Wild Hearts – How Many Basic Karakuri Can You Plop In One Map?

Wild Hearts allows players to conjure basic structures and building blocks that are basic karakuri. These are useful in battles as well as exploring and traversing the maps you go out to hunt down monsters, kemono.

Usually, the basic karakuri objects break when a kemono hits them. But remains in place should you leave it alone. They even appear on the main menu screens, which renders the current location you are in in your current save.

As a wise content creator once ask: “Is there a limit to this?”. And there’s only one way to find out.

So I spent an hour or so stacking karakuri crates in Wild Hearts, and here I present my findings.

The location of the test is in the hub world, Minato. There are two reasons for this. One is because it has some decent clearing and flat ground to start plopping boxes. The other is because the karakuri threads passively regens when you’re in this map, so that saves up from the hassle of going back and forth finding more threads.

First off, I decided to conduct this investigation by testing out the obvious: how high can you stack them boxes? The game snaps to let you stack three crates vertically. Apparently, you can stack more than that.

However, crates with more than three stacks tall lose the auto-climb that you do which lets you rapidly climb up to the top. Instead, you have to climb it like a cliff with a draining stamina bar.

Also, aligning the stacks vertically while still making them traversable can be a challenge. If you unlock the fusion karakuri Bulwark (which you will if you’re trying to do this in Minato), any two adjacent stacks of three-box tall crates will turn into a Bulwark, which technically doesn’t ruin anything, but I just wanted to see pure crates stacking up high.

So, the build, starting at the front of the forge, ends up going tall and to the side (it’s tricky to only build vertically but maybe other players can try and make a slimmer tower).

Eventually, I ran to a vertical limit, the game just doesn’t want to snap a crate on top of another crate anymore. By my count, it was 40 boxes high. It’s not as high as the windmill tower, but you can get really close to it.

At this stage, I found a certain limit to this madness. The game prompts that I have reached the maximum number of karakuri that can be conjured. Another prompt follows saying that the oldest karakuri will be destroyed when you plop a new one.

Also, it occurred to me that the vertical limit isn’t exactly accurate. There’s a whole lower level of Minato that was not covered with stacks of boxes.

It’s likely that what I hit was the limit of the game space that allows a placable karakuri. I tried again at the lower part of the town, near the default training dummy opposite of the player character’s home. This time, I tried to go how far into the sea I can go.

A stack of 50 crates long can be placed starting at the cliff edge of the area (more or less) to reach the area’s bounding box. I can stack a few more crates further, but the character cannot move pass the invisible wall.

It’s likely that there is no limit to how long, or tall, these karakuri boxes can be placed adjacent to each other.

But what about the actual limit? How much was the maximum number of karakuri that you can place. I decided to start from scratch and do a more methodical test. This time, by placing have a 10-wide stack of crates, and then see how many rows of boxes we can place from there. I managed to get to 50 rows- enough to cover the distance of the gulf that Minato has- before random crates start dismantling themselves and leaving potholes.

By systematically placing all the karakuri crates, I conclude that you can place at least 500 basic karakuri crates on one map. Beyond that limit, I start to see existing boxes suddenly break when a new one was plopped.

However, the coding of this system isn’t entirely robust to handle 500 boxes. In my time placing these boxes, some of them were unable to break, even using the demolish tool to do it. Instead, less-older boxes get broken up instead. I suspect it’s a bug, as saving and reloading the save again lets me demolish the older karakuri properly.

So as it stands, my tests conclude that you can have 500 basic karakuri plopped on one map, at least in Minato. Further peer review and tests on other maps are recommended to see if the findings hold up.

In a regular gameplay of Wild Hearts, you won’t need this many boxes. But let it be known that if you want to make long crate bridges or messy towers to climb up ledges, there’s plenty of room to work with.

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