Wild Hearts Adding New Kemono Species And Spinning Top Karakuri In April 2023 Content Update

EA and Koei Tecmo will have Wild Hearts players let it rip in its upcoming content update this month, the first of two planned updates in April 2023.

The update will bring the first new Kemono species added post-launch in the form of the Murakumo. The wind-based, fox-type kemono can soar in the air and on sakura blossom platforms, which it can manipulate to attack. It can also rip out a mean tornado.

Like most kemono attacks, the Murakumo’s tornado can be counted by the power of technology that lies in the karakuri building blocks system. For this update, you can now conjure the Spinning Top fusion karakuri. So you can cancel out the spinning vortex of doom with your own spinning vortex of doom, that grows in power the more collision it takes while it’s going spin-to-win.

Beyblade references aside, the spinning top is another nod to the traditional toy played all over the world including in Japan (as well as Malaysia).

The first April 2023 content update will also include the ability to limit break weapons and armour. This allows you to enhance them even further using core orbs, dropped from Volatile Kemono. So this is post-game/endgame content for folks that continued playing since launch.

Full patch notes of the April 6 content update will arrive when it launches.

Wild Hearts is currently being updated in a two-week cadence. The next update, scheduled to launch on April 20 (nice) will add another Deeply Volatile Kemono in the form of Deathhaze Gloombeak and a new quest called Serial Hunts.

Wild Hearts is out now on PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App) and Xbox Series X|S. You can find our review of this monster hunting game here.

Source: Wild Hearts

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