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Where To Find The Secret Gun in Devil May Cry 5


Like other Devil May Cry games, Devil May Cry 5 has its share of secrets. One of them is the Kalina Ann, the original rocket launcher belonging to the Devil Hunter Lady.

The weapon can be found in Mission 11, as many attentive fans have discovered.

After destroying the two Qliphoth roots to lower the building, simply turn right before heading back out to discover the secret room (it has a hanging red orb cache) and turn right again to find the gun.

On top of that, once you’ve beaten the game and received the Kalina Ann II, the guns form the Double-Kalina Ann, in which Dante dual-wields the two guns.

Between this an a secret obstacle course for Nero, it’s looking like Devil May Cry has plenty to offer for those who go off the beaten path.

Source Games Revolution