What’s Inside Trackmania Turbo’s Demo?

As you might have noticed, Trackmania Turbo has just released and now available for purchase digitally, with a demo available. What’s included in the demo you might ask? Is it worth trying? The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Let us explain what’s inside Trackmania Turbo’s demo.

As previously speculated, the way the demo works is akin to Trials Fusion. What that means is that you have access to a limited number of levels- in Trackmania Turbo’s case just the first 5 levels of the Canyon theme in the campaign. You can play as long as you want, as much as you can. All progress made is all stored, and any unlockables that can achieved within the first five levels can be accessed. These comes in the form of customisation items for your car.

You can mess around with the Garage Mix to create a combination of patterns, numbers and logos for all your cars- except the Stadium version which will by default display your selected country’s colours. (The design for Malaysia is looking nicer than the one included in the free-to-play Trackmania Nations years ago, but might rub people in the wrong way since the crescent is flipped in the wrong way.)

Multiplayer is available, but only in hotseat mode it seems. The ‘secret’ section is a bit restricted as it depends on what you input. By punching in a 3 button combination from the face butons, it will give out mixed variants of multiplayer modes. Most probably there will be a cheat sheet available on the net of all the possible combinations and what each of it means.

You can mess around with the track builder, but only with the Canyon theme and using just the beginner mode which limits you to track pieces that are all connected. Couldn’t find any loop or wall pieces to do some insane wall riding courses unfortunately. You could try out online mode too- but that’s a limited trial of a 1-hour period, and again, limited to the Canyon theme only.

If you’re convinced that Trackmania Turbo is worth the RM149 asking price, you could buy it on the spot. The main menu lets you unlock the full version of the game with the press of the square button on PS4. No need to redownload the game once the purchase is made.

The demo’s free to try out, available on for all platforms. Right now only a handful of Malaysian players are out there representing. So it’s a great time to jump in and climb up the ranks. In fact, at the time of writing, yours truly is now the 13th on the Malaysian leaderboards- with 1 Trackmaster and 4 gold medals, and currently holding the number 1 spot for Malaysia on the first track. All done with just the demo. If you think you have what it takes to do simple, short time trials then hop right in give the demo a download, and beat those record times!

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