What Games Are Coming Out In February 2018?

A little bit of everything

Hello February. As we past the first month of 2018, now we are getting to see more games getting released. While the early months usually don’t see any high-profile titles, we do get a good mix of new games (or old games remastered to be brand new, or ports) of various genres until the main course arrives.

This is by no means a full list of all the titles out in February, but we believe these games are worth checking out:

EA Sports UFC 3 (February 2nd)

Is it a sports game or a fighting game? If you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, this looks like a solid title. Though like most EA games, there is a loot box system with micro-transactions tied to the Ultimate Team mode. So be warned.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Shadow Of The Colossus (February 6th)

Shadow Of The Colossus (2005) was a breathtaking adventure by the team behind Ico led by Fumito Ueda, which also made 2016’s The Last Guardian. Even with the drawbacks of the PS2 hardware at the time, the game is still managed to be captivating.

13 years later, it’s getting a remake. This is not just a simple HD remaster, developers Bluepoint poured a lot of love to recreate the journey of the boy and his horse taking down the majestic colossi to be faithful to the original but much, much prettier than before.

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Platform: PS4

Civilization VI: Rise And Fall (February 8th)

One. More. Turn. If you are looking for another reason to boot up Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, then this expansion will help you do so. Rise And Fall changes the way eras and scores work, giving them more meaning.

Civilisations this time will rise and fall through the ages thanks to a new take of the golden age (and dark age) mechanic. Borders can shift and cities can flip allegiance depending on their loyalty. An improved alliance system, a new governor system, emergencies to ensure the leading civ cannot just snowball to victory in ease will surely change the game significantly, so are the additions of new civs and leaders to choose from.

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Platform: PC

Dynasty Warriors 9 (February 13th)

What if you could just mow down hundreds, heck, thousands of soldiers in a few swoops and slashes of your weapon of choice? Dynasty Warriors has done so for the last eight games (or seven for Japanese folks).

The latest game in the series will now have you play in an open world rather than an instanced map in prior games. More mobility options including riding boats and swimming are now available to get to different parts of the world quicker.

If all you needed is some power fantasy, Dynasty Warriors 9 will fill you in.

Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 (Switch)  (February 16th)

Have a Switch? Why not treat yourself with a double whammy of character action classic Bayonetta and its sequel. Bayonetta 2 comes packed with Bayonetta and if you have not played them yet, it’s best to go for the Switch, just to get comfortable with how the game runs in the portable hybrid system, since its upcoming sequel, Bayonetta 3, will be a Switch exclusive.

Platform: Switch

Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition (February 20th)

Another remaster. The classic RTS game from Microsoft will finally be out after it was hit by a delay. It’s the same Age Of Empires from 1997, but with a graphical overhaul and some modern accessibility changes to make it fit for a 2018 release.

Right now it will be a Windows Store exclusive, though like always, Microsoft is open to the idea of selling it on Steam.

Platform: PC (Windows Store Only On Release)

Metal Gear Survive (February 22nd)

Wait, don’t write it off just yet. Sure, what Konami did was heinous but those that are left withing the studio after the departure of Hideo Kojima managed to use the Fox Engine and most of the gameplay systems of the Metal Gear series into a decent survival game.

It’s fine to not support a game due to what the publishers did, but from what we have seen, Metal Gear Survive is not just a micro-transaction cash grab, there is fun to be had. The question is if a 4-player co-op survival game with Metal Gear mechanics sounds enticing or not.

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Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One

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