Westwood’s Classic Point-And-Click Blade Runner Game Now Available Digitally For The First Time

Back in 1997, Westwood Studios, the developers that also made Command And Conquer, made a point-and-click adventure game based on the Blade Runner movie. 22 years later, the folks at GOG finally got the game a digital re-release.

The point-and-click adventure is set in the same universe of the movies, but stars a different Blade Runner, detective Ray McCoy, set in the future Los Angeles dystopia of… 2019. The game features some of the cast of the original film and a lot of good old-fashion point-and-click investigations.

GOG had to do a lot of work tracking who owns the game, and also finding people to make it playable on modern PCs. Speaking to PC Gamer, GOG Business Development Director Mark Hill said that the work to find who owns the rights to the game took over ten years.

The rights is now owned by Alcon Entertainment, the production company that made the Blade Runner 2049 film, and the folks at ScummVM did the development work to get the game working.

Blade Runner is now available on GOG for $8.99 USD (around RM37)– one dollar of the usual price for a limited time.

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