West Ham Signed e-Sports Player

West Ham United, the Barclays Premier League club, has now become the first club in the Premiership to sign an e-Sports player into their lineup.

Sean “Dragonn” Allen, a regular Twitch streamer playing FIFA and runner-up in this year’s FIFA interactive World Cup, was bestowed the squad number of 50 as he joined to be part of the Hammers.

“I am delighted to be joining West Ham United as their official e-sports player. This is a massive move forward for me. I have been playing competitive FIFA for a very long time and this is the biggest thing ever to happen to me.” said the 24-year-old.

Current manager of West Ham Slaven Bilic is delighted to secure Dragonn’s services, remarking his big presence in the e-sport arena. “I hope he can now go on to represent the club with pride across the globe – he will certainly have the support of all the lads whenever he dons the claret and blue,” said the manager.

This is the first club in the Premiership to sign an e-sports player, but the first ever to do so was Bundesliga club Wolfsburg which signed 22-year-old David Bytheway. Both players are treated as other football players on their respective clubs, and will wear their respective kits during competitions.

e-Sports are making a huge splash right now even football teams are acknowledging their talent. Good news for those aspiring football fans who wishes to be part of a prestigious football club but lack the talent of playing footy in real life. Now you can get the chance if you’re really good at FIFA.

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