Webtoon Heroes Unite in Mobile “Collectible RPG” Super String, Now Available Globally

Super String is a “turn-based collectible RPG” for mobile by Factorial Games, and today it is available globally in over 180 countries.

Super String features 70 heroes and 30 monsters from 14 different webtoons by YLAB, including characters from Island, Blade of the Phantom Master, Reawakened Man, Terror Man and Neolithic Girl.

In Super String, you’ll be collecting and assembling a team of these heroes, ranging from powerful women to a penguin. But in Super String, their likeness is rendered in the style of “live-action 3D models” instead of their usual 2D appearance in manhwas or webtoons.

The game features cinematics and a story where you, as the commander of Super String, must band these heroes together to face a mysterious threat from another dimension.

Think of Super String as the Avengers Assemble moment for YLAB webtoons. Or the “Korean MCU”, as the press release puts it.

Super String offers the modes including Skirmish, Raid, Abyss (tower climb) and PvP, all unlocked progressively as you play through the campaign. As you’d expect from the usual mobile RPGs.

This is the first game by Factorial Games after the developer was acquired by Pearl Abyss last May.

Super String is now available globally on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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