Weaponise The Plague In Thymesia, Coming To PC This Year

Wait, this isn’t Bloodborne. But Thymesia, the new game by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17, certainly has the same vibe.

In a world being ravaged by the plague, you play as Corvus, who has the powers to harness the disease and manifest it into a literal weapon. Summon green-tinted swords, claws and scythes as you parry, dodge and circle strafe enemies in fast-paced combat.

Thymesia looks to be an indie take of what we’ve seen in Bloodborne, in terms of aesthetics and what we’ve seen of the gameplay, that is. There will be multiple endings and you can make different builds that suit different playstyles, but don’t call it a soulslike just yet.

At the very least, the gloomy, dying of disease world of Thymesia should be something interesting, especially for PC players.

Theymesia is set for release later this year on PC. In other news, Team17 is also publishing an indie tactical shooter Ready Or Not, among others.

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