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Watch How A Top Street Fighter Player Plays Using Mostly His Mouth


Just hopped into Street Fighter V but find it hard to play? Hoping that a fancy new arcade stick will make you win more and skip the hard regiment of losing countlessly in the pursuit of getting good? Well here’s a motivational video just for you. Meet Brolylegs. He’s the best player to main Chun-Li, and one of the many competitive players in the fighting game community. What makes him special is he plays the game with his mouth, not for style points, mind. He has a condition.

Brolylegs have a condition where his limbs does not grow as much like us, hampering most of his motor skills. Despite that, it does not stop him to find a way to play Street Fighter and get good with it. He maintains the record of the top player for Chun-Li in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Xbox Live leaderboard, and has since participated in many other Street Fighter tournaments, and won some of them. In this short interview of him, Broly speaks about how he got his drive to get good.

In an older but still relevant interview, Broly details out why he mains Chun, how he setups his buttons to his advantage (he doesn’t use all of them), and other fighting games he dabbled in. Interesting stuff, and to see a guy like him being able to do what would be an impossible feat is downright inspirational. This guy knows what he is doing, and if you have a solid knowledge of the gameplay Street Fighter IV, prepare to be impressed. He is even one of the trainers for Cross Counter Training, a paid training program for people who wants to get good.

So whenever you feel down or salty after being bodied numerous times online, or calling johns (that’s the FGC lingo for putting excuses) on a dud controller or whatever you were able to came up with, remember that out there, people who persevere and find their own strengths and use it to their advantage will eventually succeed, God-willing.

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. So go out there and get good.

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