Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War III Announced

Looks like Relic’s RTS series is getting a proper sequel. After the fall of THQ, the developers have been scooped up by Sega along with all of the IPs they have worked under THQ. So far they have constantly updated Company of Heroes 2, a WWII RTS and the classic Dawn Of War II, that eschews the basic RTS base building concepts by making the units smaller in number, hero units, and a long campaign with loot and level progression.

Dawn Of War III seems to follow the second game, with three factions being highlighted. Space Marines in the form of the Blood Ravens make a return as well as the Orks and Eldar factions. No Tyrranids? No Tau, and Necrons? We’ll have to wait for more updates to be sure.

Check out this CGI announcement trailer. There’s no real gameplay footage, but it’s pretty and gory. Seems like the sort of tone for the Warhammer 40K universe.

Warhammer 40K Dawn Of War III will be coming to PC. No release date is given at the moment.

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