Wargaming Metal Fest Brings Megadeth To World Of Warships, World Of Tanks

The symphony of destruction seen in World Of Warships and World Of Tanks gets a whole new meaning as heavy metal band Megadeth is making an appearance.

As part of the Wargaming Metal Fest, a “multi-product music in-game event”, Megadeth-related content is being added to four different games as a limited-time event.

Megadeth band members James Lomenzo, Dirk Verbeuren, Kiko Loureiro as well as its frontman Dave Mustaine has voiceover work done for the Metal Fest.

Not only that, but Megadeth’s mascot Vic Rattlehead, the skeleton head that is usually seen sporting some sort of rad eyewear, will make his video game debut and for the first time, has a voice.

Here’s a quote from Dave Mustaine about the Megadeth x Wargaming collab:

“This is the first time our images have been immortalized in video games! Moreover, our mascot has unleashed its own roaring voice, adding even more metal mayhem to the games. We’ve laid down over 350 mind-melting voice lines, and players will feel the thunder as we command during the battles. We have tanks, we have warships, and we are ready for Wargaming Metal Fest!” 

The following is the Megadeth content offered as part of the Wargaming Metal Fest:

World of Tanks Modern Armor (August 29 – September 25)

  • Two new tanks inspired by albums Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?” and “The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead!”
    • Two Megadeth songs (“Soldier On!” and “Peace Sells”) appears in garage if player owns any Megadeth tanks
  • Vic Rattlehead as 3D Commander (with voiceovers)
  • Dave Mustaine, James Lomenzo, Dirk Verbeuren, and Kiko Loureiro as 2D Commanders (with voiceovers)
  • Challenges that offer Megadeth-themed rewards

World of Tanks Blitz (August 29 – September 3)

  • Megadeth quest offering Megadeth-themed rewards
    • static and animated camos inspired by various Megadeth album covers,
    • a unique tank skin inspired by “Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?” album for the Chieftain Mk. 6,
    • avatars and collectible items
  • exact replica of Dave Mustaine’s guitar seen in the hangar

World of Warships PC (August 29 – September 13)

  • Special missions to unlock exclusive captains
  • Dave Mustaine as ship commander (with voiceovers)
  • Vic Rattlehead as ship commander (with voiceovers)
  •  “Death Ray Patch”
  • Megadeth: Set the Seas Afire Bundle
    • includes Rattlehead cruiser ship inspired by the “Rust in Peace” album cover (using this ship plays the Megadeth song Tornado of Souls in-game)

World of Warships Legends (August 29 – October 2)

  • Rattlehead cruiser
    • Dave Mustaine and Vic Rattlehead as captains
  • Themed patch and flag featuring Megadeth logo and Vic’s head

This is a very specific collab (the people who play Wargaming games are definitely from a specific demographic), but a cool one nonetheless. The idea of having a heavy metal frontman fighting alongside anime waifus in World Of Warships (which recently re-run an Azur Lane collab) makes it even more cooler.

The only thing missing is a bigger appearance of Symphony Of Destruction. The song plays just a bit near the end of the trailer.

Wargaming Metal Fest kicks off on August 29.

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