Warframe Plains Of Eidolon Gameplay Gets A 20-Minute Showcase

Warframe, the free-to-play third-person shooter with online elements ala Destiny is gearing up for its biggest update: Plains Of Eidolon. As it was first revealed, this will add a whole new open world to explore and battle in, making it more similar to an MMO game rather than doing missions in the usual procedural generated maps.

During developers Digital Extreme’s latest dev stream, over 22 minutes of gameplay was shown featuring this new location, which includes a market hub for new vendors and quests, new side activities such as mining, and a day-night cycle.

Since the maps are large, you can also traverse it using the archwing, which allows players to basically fly and move faster in the air. Once in the open world, there will also be dynamic quests that can pop up from time to time.

For Warframe players, the whole stream is worth watching as well, as the developers showcased one brand new warframe coming with this update (still being referred as its codename Glass), the first Deluxe warframe, new melee stances (and combos) and outlines of various changes that are in the works.

Due to the overwhelming coverage the Plains Of Eidolon update has been getting, the new content will be easily accessible for new players and veterans alike, with the devs promising tougher challenge in the night-time. No set date on when will it be out- a lot of the content shown is still using placeholders- but this will be the next update when it eventually arrives.

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