Warcraft Movie Poster Opens An Upcoming Trailer

“The world premiere of the long-awaited Warcraft movie trailer is finally here!”

That’s what I would say if the Warcraft movie trailer had been released today. It hasn’t, and so I am not actually saying that. I will, however, say it on Friday, when the trailer will actually debut—which also just happens to be the first day of BlizzCon 2015. Coincidence? I suspect not.

For now, you can enjoy this new poster that’s turned up on the Warcraft Facebook page. It nicely leverages the eternal conflict between Red and Blue to convey the depth of the enmity between Humans and Orcs, in case there was any question. Also interesting, as noted by PCGamesN, is the presence of “The Beginning” as a subtitle, suggesting more films to come. What a surprise, right? (Obviously, the answer is “no.” Jones has previously talked about telling his planned Warcraft story arc as a trilogy.)

The Warcraft film is slated to hit theaters in the UK on June 3, 2016, and on June 10 in the US. When will it be on Malaysia?

warcraft.jpg warckraft

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