Wam’s Top 5 Games of 2019

So another year has come and gone, and that means it’s time to assume my opinion means anything on the internet. That’s right, it’s my top 5 games for the year of our lord 2019.

2019 was a great year for games. Despite all the crying about how videogames are dying, I think the fact we haven’t swirled into a cramped box where the only games are FIFA and Fortnite with it’s new pro soccer gametype is a sign that we’ve done pretty all right.

But that’s enough from me, let’s get to the games

5. Daemon Ex Machina

It’s no secret that I like giant robots. While I got into gaming too late to have enjoyed the Armored Core series, this stylish successor to the legendary mecha franchise stormed its way into my heart.

I’ve got plenty of gripes about the game, of course, but at its core, the game’s basically Monster Hunter but with mechs. The bosses look cool, the soundtrack is a consistent banger and some of the weapons are just freaking cool.

On top of all that, the game has plenty of post-launch support that makes me feel optimistic for the future of this game. I dig giant robots, man. Check out our review here.

4. Blasphemous

Blasphemous is everything great about Metroidvanias combined with the modern quality of life features of a Souls-like. It’s got its atmosphere down to an art point, and a combat system that just feels great.

There’s a certain magic that really sets apart good indie adventure games from the rest, and that’s usually the exploration aspect. That feeling when you somehow unlock a shortcut, or find a secret room has to be just right, and this game’s got it in spades.

On top of that, the bosses look amazing, and the sprite art in this game is so intricately detailed and gruesome in its execution. It’s a good one.

3. Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon’s mainline jump to the Switch made a huge splash, with plenty of features that I can’t imagine the game ditching in the future. Co-op raids, cooking minigames and the ability to access your box from almost anywhere almost spoil the player for choice.

The game’s far from perfect- it’s got a broken communications system, some features failed to return- but the Pokémon formula is so tried and tested it’s hard to not have fun building your roster of Pokémon and enjoying the most polished entry in the series.

Check out the review here.

2. Astral Chain

Stand cops. Platinum Game’s character action game is quirky, weird and incredibly satisfying. You play as a member of Task Force Neuron- elite cops who harness powerful creatures called Legions to fight off an extradimensional invasion.

Everything about this game feels refreshing, from it’s aesthetic to its 2-character based combat. You have to control your Legion, which hovers ominously behind you like a stand out of JoJo, and execute flashy combos in cool fights with your arsenal of police gear on your player character, too.

The combo system is really cool, since it rewards using both your player and their Legion, as well as going the Persona route and rewarding swapping out your Legions on the fly as well. It has its jank moments, of course, but when this game is good it is great.

More stand cops in this review.

1. Devil May Cry 5

I don’t think you could have avoided seeing this one coming. One of the most hyped releases I’ve ever had, especially considering Capcom’s debooting after the ill-advised edgy reboot with DmC: Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 5 had everything- the return of fan favorite characters, a kicking soundtrack as well as a super accessible yet difficult to master combat system. Remember- it’s not enough to kill demons, you have to style on them too. The use of the RE engine also lead to some of the best-looking cutscenes in the game’s history- not just for the coolness factor, but also the way characters emote when they talk.

The gameplay loop of “Keep playing until you do combo good” is great because there’s no real pressure on you to do better from the game. You could C rank every mission if you want, and go home. The game doesn’t care. But you do. You want that SSS, and dammit, you’re gonna keep practicing your jump cancels until you get it. Even if your hands become so sore you can’t hold chopsticks for a week.

Our review here.

So that’s my list for the year. While I’m not explicitly looking forward to much in 2020, I’m sure as hell hoping I’ll be surprised. Doom Eternal comes out, after all, as well as the excellent-looking Persona 5 Scramble. We also have Guilty Gear Strive at the end of the year to look forward to, which is always a pleasant plus.

Suffice to say, it’s going to be a good year to play video games.

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