VR Platformer Yupitergrad Swinging To PS VR This December In Asia

SCRYsoft and developer Gamedust announced that they are bringing VR platformer game Yupitergrad to PS VR in Asia.

Yupitergrad has you play an astronaut with grappling hooks. With plungers on the end. It’s the only way to traverse the space station filled with traps. Throughout your swinging adventures, General Varnikov and virtual assistant AI-sha will be accompanying you by observing from afar.

Expect to be Indiana Jones-ing a lot as you swing through the space station, as well as solve some puzzles.

The game also features some nice cel-shaded art style mixed in with the Slavic atmosphere it has going, with music composed by Piotr Surmacz.

Yupitergrad was first released on Steam last year. This PS VR version will include the main campaign (featuring 50 levels) plus the Time Attack mode as part of the Next Challenges update.

Yupitergrad will be out on PS VR on December 17 in Asia. Note that you need 2 PS Move controllers to play.

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