Video World Is An Indie Musical Game Featuring Synth-Pop And Halloween Decorations

Looks like more and more games that are using music as a core feature (but not a rhythm game) is currently on the rise. Australia-based indie developers Things For Humans are making a musical: Video World.

Video World is described as a musical (but not a rhythm game), and a companion piece for synth-pop artist Monster Mansion’s upcoming EP. You’ll get to hear the three songs from the EP in within the context of this musical.

Video World has you decorating a video store for Halloween with the help of a magical pumpkin that has a thing for puns. The gameplay of the short musical is still rhythm-based (with multiple difficulty options), but there are different gameplay elements as well.

Video World seems like a short-and-sweet romp, and a pretty nifty way to promote a new music release. It will be available sometime in January 2021 for PC and Mac via Steam.

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