Velheim Heads To Xbox Game Pass PC This Fall, With Console Release in 2023

One of the more sleeper hits of 2021 is now coming to Xbox’s subscription service in the near future.

Velheim, the viking survival indie hit, is now heading to Game Pass PC after it’s announcement during the Xbox Showcase Extended recently.

The game sees you battling the elements in a procedurally-generated world where you have to survive the elements and build something worthy of Odin’s praise, be it a castle or combat efficiency.

And besides coming to Game Pass PC, the developer Iron Gate has confirmed that a console version is also in the works and set to launch on Xbox next year, complete with crossplay with PC players on both Steam and the Xbox network.

Valheim will be in Xbox Game Pass on PC starting this fall (around August to October), and you can get the game on Steam right now.

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