Vanquish Confirmed For PC Release: May 25

The tease is over, it’s here. The last game from Sega’s backlog made by Platinumgames that has yet to have a PC port, Vanquish, will finally receive one. Originally released in 2010, Vanquish differs from the studio’s output from being a third person shooter with cover-based elements, but cranked up with some dash of character action the devs are known for.

After the recent Bayonetta PC port release, there were hints at Vanquish will be the next to get one. And it’s all true. The PC version will finally have the game running with unlocked framerate. Now you can knee slide your way and shoot your way in glorious 60fps, as any games from Platinum should.

Check out the trailer below:

You can get Vanquish on Steam and is only RM40. If you own the PC version of Bayonetta, you’ll get an extra 25% off. Not a bad deal for a port of a 7-year-old game.

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